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Scanning and Imaging

As both the legal and business world transitions even more to digital documents, Litgistix can help convert your paper documents into more efficient and organized digital image files – saving you time and cost for searching and storing your documents.  Since 1980, our professional and experienced staff can produce any size project from archival and oversize document scanning to specialized litigation and medical record scanning.  We utilize a full suite of electronic imaging and conversion software tools as well as have the scanning equipment and quality control processes to provide high speed and high quality scanning to meet our customer deadlines at the best pricing in the Tulsa and Oklahoma area.  Our document scanning and imaging services include:

  • Litigation Scanning & Hosting
  • Archival Document Scanning
  • Medical Records Scanning
  • Large Format or Oversize Scanning
  • Oil & Gas Imaging Services
  • Other Scanning & Imaging Options
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Litigation Scanning & Hosting
  • Confidential and secure litigation document scanning to transform your paper files from clients to searchable and organized digital images for more efficient discovery review and production.
  • Scan to TIFF, PDF or JPEG image formats
  • OCR for searchable text
  • E-Bates number with confidential stamps or trial exhibit labels
  • Index and Coding services to populate key document bibliography data.
  • Blowback copy sets and trial exhibit notebooks with index tabs or color/printed slipsheets
  • Export with load files into all popular litigation software and online review platforms
  • Host the documents for responsive and privilege review in our CloudNine review software
Oil & Gas Imaging Services
  • Lease & Well file scanning for archival purposes or when leases or wells are sold.
  • Well Log scanning and printing on pre-folded paper
  • Scan and lamination of Oil & Gas color oversize maps
  • Can reduce and enlarge documents from scale of 25% up to 400%
  • Field training, safety, operational, drilling and policy & procedure manual scanning and printing
Large Format/Oversize Scanning
  • Equipment and capability to scan large documents up to 42″ wide at any length
  • Including oversize maps, blueprints, engineering drawings, well logs, xrays, fetal-heart monitoring strips, aerial photos, architectural designs, etc.
  • Repair of old drawings or maps with wear and tear from age or overuse and handling
Electronic Image Conversions

We can convert current image documents to and from various digital formats such as TIFF, Adobe PDF, JPEG, PNG, Text or others.

Digital Blowback Copy Sets

If you prefer paper discovery or production, Litgistix provides high-speed, batch printing of your images to hard-copy. We can provide document breaks and binding to match the original images and color slip sheets with printed information such as document name, Bates number range, or other document or coded information to help organize the documents.

Media Delivery Options

Scanned images are furnished on either:

Archival Scanning Projects
  • Convert voluminous boxes of paper files, old photos, critical business documents, financial records, oil & gas lease files, medical records, etc. to digital images
  • Archiving paper files to digital images enable more efficient electronic access and file sharing and no physical space constraints
  • Also digital files allows for backup storage for regulatory and disaster recovery purposes.
  • Scan to TIF or searchable PDF formats and we will deliver on CD/DVD or USB/HDs media or by a secure Sharefile link and storage.
Medical Records Scanning
  • Litgistix has extensive experience in scanning confidential medical records for both litigation purposes and also for medical facilities, hospitals and clinics.
  • We can assist and enable healthcare organizations to transition to a paperless environment to store all their medical and patient healthcare records and also to comply with HIPAA and other regulations.
  • Litgistix is a HIPAA compliant facility with policy and procedures and annual employee training in place to ensure secure protection of PHI (patient health information).
  • We can scan X-rays, fetal and heart monitoring strips also.
Online Review Tool

Our Web based online review tool can assist in viewing and searching large volumes of documents quickly and easily

Document Coding & Indexing

We offer several coding and indexing solutions for all your document organization needs, including in-house coding and lower cost off-shore coding alternatives through our outsourcing partners. We can assist you in defining coding parameters to meet your particular project or case.

High Level Coding: We offer capture or input of simple file folder or box level indexing, from source of documents to simple bibliographic and keyword coding about the overall document set.

Objective Coding: Bibliographic fields such as Date, Author, Document Type, Recipients, etc., can be coded from scanned images and exported to include in load files for various litigation databases used for reviewing and searching.

Subjective Coding: We also provide coding of more complex information requiring interpretation of data such as issue codes, subjective details, keyword information, responsiveness, privilege, or confidential designations, etc.