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Simplify Your Discovery™ and Document Review with our Easy-To-Use Online Processing and Review Tool

Need a powerful, easy-to-use tool to review your documents efficiently, but don’t want to invest the time or cost in complicated software with expensive licensing fees and training? Litgistix has the answer… CloudNine.

CloudNine is a leading web-based review software that provides litigation teams and organizations an easy and cost-effective solution to upload, review, search and identify documents in a secure cloud environment.   Online internet access from anywhere or anytime allows multiple users, office locations, experts, co-counsel and clients to collaborate during the document review phase of discovery.

Self Load Add-On Option (NEW!)

Simplify e-Discovery on Your Own! Now a Client based add-on tool to upload your own data into CloudNine for review!
It has never been easier to load and process your own data with CloudNine Discovery Client software. Now you can take advantage of this new self-service cloud-based tool to load and automate processing of your eDiscovery data directly into our CloudNine online review platform.   Start reviewing your documents faster in minutes rather than days.

  • Do it Yourself Tool to Load Your Own Data for Review! (Or call Litgistix to help)
  • Load documents by file/ folder or by a Zip compressed file
  • Load into a new or existing CloudNine database
  • Automated data processing and file conversions included
  • Get an Early Data Assessment Report emailed directly to you
  • Self-Export documents for production
  • Setup Unlimited Databases With No User Fees!
  • Enjoy Low Processing Fees and monthly hosting!

See attached for Pay-Per-Use or Annual Subsciption Plan Pricing

  • FREE No-Risk Trial Offer for 30 days

* Note – Self-Load add-on tool only for projects and data sets that DO NOT require manual file handling or special processing. Contact Litgistix for a quote on our e-discovery processing and upload services.Selfload-video-thumb

CloudNine Features
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive user interface
  • No User Fees (Unlimited Users)
  • No software to buy or maintain and no licensing fees
  • Web access anywhere, anytime on any internet browser
  • Only a monthly hosting fee on per GB basis ($20-$40/GB)
  • Annual subscription plans available
  • Secure Tier-1 hosting facility with daily back-up and live technical support
  • User level security controls by law firm or Litgistix administrators
  • Easily process and review either native file or TIFF/PDFimage format
  • Load emails and attachments with metadata fields to search on
  • Unlimited tag and custom coding fields for flagging documents or adding comments to group and organize data sets
  • Simple and powerful searching, sorting and grouping capabilities
  • Keyword, clustering and conceptual searching capabilities
  • Redact and annotate pages, if image based
  • Self-import processing and self-export available
  • Early case assessment reports on data size and file types
  • Print, email, and download documents
  • Minimal user training needed to quickly start reviewing documents
  • Near ready storage option to save costs

Click on link to OnDemand® download flyer on features

Processing Services

Litgistix provides upfront setup and administrative support to load documents into CloudNine, with free initial training. Native processing we can provide before loading into a review tool or any other litigation software includes:

  • Scanning or image conversion to TIFF or PDF to load
  • E-discovery and email processing of native files with metadata fields and extracted text to search on.
  • Culling/Filtering and de-duping data based on keyword searches or to exclude non-relevant data helps reduce the size and costs of loading data for user review.
  • OCR processing on scanned images for searchable text.
  • Consulting on data minimization to reduce size to relevant documents to review and save on attorney/paralegal review time.

Litgistix can also assist in the production phase by organizing, exporting, image conversions, bates numbering or even printing responsive documents after the document review is complete. In addition, data for a privilege log can even be created and downloaded from CloudNine too.

Pricing Plans

We offer simple pricing structure on a per gigabyte (GB) basis with only monthly hosting fees charged.   * Initial load fees are waived with EDD processing or scanning provided.   Unlimited users starting at $20/GB to $40/GB per month depending on the volume of data. This amounts to only $200/month for 5GB of data!

Basic Hosting Plans – Ideal for small to mid-sized cases and law firms.

* Try CloudNine for free with a trial offer to use it for 30 days with up to 2GB of your own documents.

** Additional savings on annual subscription plans for only $900/month for 50GB of data with unlimited processing and cases.

See Attached flyer for more information on Annual Subscription Plans

Also, discounted 6 or 12 month hosting plans available if paid in advance for 20% savings to help manage your case budget further.

BIGGER DATA SIZE?   Call for a Quote.

(30 day Free Trial for any plan)

Key Benefits

Three key benefits from using Litgistix and CloudNine:

  1. Native review can help you save money. A first pass native review is a cost effective way review e-discovery or email data after culling/filtering or deduping the data.       You can then review, identify and produce only the responsive data, saving you significant data conversion and production costs.
  2. Our software and e-discovery processing costs less than others. When compared to other software and e-discovery processing available on the market, ours is less expensive because there is no software to purchase and there are no hidden costs.
  3. Our pricing model makes it easy to manage case costs. Your costs are calculated on a per page or per GB basis enabling you to keep everything simple and stay within budgeted costs.

Try CloudNine for free with a trial offer to use it for 30 days with up to 2GB of your own documents.

Security Features
  • CloudNine has secure Tier IV Certified Hosting Facility
  • ASP Application running on IIS 7.0 with SQL Server
  • Daily Incremental and full weekly/monthly Data Backups
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Individual user based security levels and rights down to field level
  • Audit Trail reports to monitor logins and user activity

See attached for details on your Security Features

Envision the power of CloudNine that makes on-line review of documents easy and cost effective.

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