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Video & Audio

Whether you need your multimedia content duplicated, converted to other formats or simply edited, our robust multimedia solutions provide you with a wide-range of capabilities to fulfill your legal or business needs.

Videography Services Include:
  • videographyVideo Depositions
  • Accident Scene Video Surveys
  • Mediation Documentaries
  • Activities of Daily Living, a.k.a. Day in the Life
  • Will Ceremonies
  • Prenuptial Agreement Signings
  • Pre & Post Construction Videos
  • Construction Draw Videos
  • Mock Trial / Mock Deposition Videos

Professional Service and confidentiality is always guaranteed. Call us or ask your court reporter to schedule Litgistix for your next video deposition, 918.585.5876.

Deposition Video Editing/Exports
  • Exports to trial presentation software (Sanction, Verdical, TrialDirector or even to Powerpoint) as MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 video files
  • Clip creation & video editing
  • Editing of video to black out or delete objectionable or unneeded audio or video
  • Training available to assist on creating, editing and exporting clips in litigation software such as Trial Director, Sanction, Verdical or DepoView.
Video and Audio Editing


  • We can edit and correct video and audio files
  • Remove portions of audio, video or both
  • Video clip creation or combine video clips
  • Load video files into various litigation presentation software, i.e. Sanction or Indata Trial Director
  • Video Deposition Synchronization service
CD/DVD & HDD Duplication

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  • Small and bulk CD/DVD duplication and replication available
  • USB flash drive duplication
  • Hard drive duplication also available

Click here for bulk CD/DVD duplication pricing

Depo View Software

Free DepoView software also provided (with our video synchronization service)
DepoView software is easy to play synched deposition videos and easily creating/exporting or email your own clips.

Please call us at 918.585.5876 to obtain more information about Video Synchronization or DepoView!


Deposition Video Synchronization Service


We can synchronize the video and text portions of depositions (or other events), so that while the witness testifies, the corresponding highlighted text scrolls on the screen.   This is a highly effective tool for showing deposition video clips during trial or mediation meetings.

Audio Recording Service

Litgistix also offers professional and high quality audio recording services as well. Audio recordings can then be easily transcribed if required. Audio recordings are an excellent option to accurately capture and document events such as:

  • Key meetings with clients or witnesses
  • Telephone hearings or conference calls
  • Business meetings
  • Directors and Shareholder meetings

For a fixed hourly rate including set-up, our audio service includes:

  • Sound quality monitoring
  • Professional audio mixer equipment
  • Multiple lapel mics and desktop microphones
  • Captured and burned to CD before we leave your office or event
  • Same day duplication service for additional CD copies
Video Tape Duplication & Conversion
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  • VHS, SVHS, Hi-8, Mini DV video duplication
  • Convert above video tapes to digital files or DVD video
  • Digital video formats include MPEG1, MPEG2 and AVI.
  • We can also create video DVDs that will play in any DVD player.
Audio Tape Duplication & Conversion




  • We can duplicate your standard cassette tapes or micro/mini audio cassettes
  • Convert audio cassettes between different formats or convert to digital files
  • Audio formats include MP3 and WAV files (for the computer)
  • We can also create audio CDs that will play in any CD player.
Videography Specialists



Special graphics text can be added as requested in project quotes as standard industry presentation.

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