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Considering selection of an eDiscovery software platform or upgrading to a better one for your case or your entire law firm to use? There are numerous in-house, vendor outsourced or cloud-based software solutions both for e-discovery processing and document review in the current litigation support marketplace to choose from.

A recent article on Legaltech© News provides some useful questions for a law firm to ask to help select the solution that best meets your needs. In Buying a New E-Discovery Platform? 8 Questions You Need to Ask First, the author (Zach Warren) interviews two prominent e-discovery attorneys: Gareth Evans of Gibson Dunn and John Rosenthal of Winston & Strawn, to get their input on the questions firms should ask themselves before investing in an eDiscovery platform or consider cloud-based solutions from a vendor. See the website link to read the full article:

The article is more from the perspective of a firm looking to invest in an in-house e-discovery solution. The key points to consider are:

As an alternative or even to complement current in-house software, cloud-based solutions are becoming much more prevalent and capable of handling more complex e-discovery processing beyond just basic hosting. So, also see a recent article in the Bloomberg BNA article 2016 – The Year of Cloud-Based E-Discovery? (written by Daniel Garrie and Yoav M. Griver of Zeichner, Ellman & Krause – see https://bol.bna.com/2016-the-year-of-cloud-based-e-discovery/), where the authors note that “cloud-based computing will become more fully enmeshed in the e-discovery marketplace”.Cloud

So it is becoming easier to find a cloud-based solution that meets the needs of the firm or on a specific case at a much more economical cost than a solution in-house. Cloud-based solutions offered by vendors can be more case-specific and billable vs. the fixed on-going costs of in-house software. Plus you have dedicated vendor support and typically stronger overall data security required by the vendor for the cloud software.